Honey inspired recipes to satiate your soul

Honey inspired recipes to satiate your soul

Recipes are open secrets from the culinary cultures which have been passed on across generations. Food is of value not only to satiate hunger in physicality but satiate the tongue and the mind. And so honey has been incorporated in our healthy food recipes Since ancient times, because of its taste-enhancing properties and health benefits. The benefits that honey provides are well known to everyone.

So keeping the health benefits and energizing properties of honey in mind, we have created wellness solutions to complement today's fast lifestyle. From the various culinary cultures of the world, we bring you these tried and tested recipes.

  1. Honey infused lemon juice

This drink is simple yet filled with multiple health benefits and can be brewed within minutes.

Stir two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey in one cup/ 8 ounces of lukewarm water to begin a refreshing day.


  • Get a nutrient boost with Vitamin C. Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is very crucial for growth repair and development of all body tissues.
  • Natural remedy for cold & sore throat
  • Known to aid in weight loss

    2. Honey enhanced tea     

Swap your regular glass of tea with this magic potion which combines the goodness of tea with rejuvenating properties of honey.

Add water to your teapot and let it boil for a few minutes. Add tea leaves to it. The best way to enjoy your tea is first to experience it in the making. Let this cool down for a minute and then add a few drops of honey for taste.


  • A great substitute for sugar
  • Natural home remedy for cold & flu symptoms

   3. Honey in iced tea

Beat the heat on a summer day with a refreshing glass of iced tea infused with honey.

Mix 8 bags of tea, 2 teaspoons of freshly grated ginger and 1/3 cup of honey in 8 cups of boiling water and let it cool down for a few hours before consumption. and add a few ice cubes and fresh mint leaves before serving!

    4. Honey fried noodles with ice-cream

An interesting dessert recipe that not only tastes unique but also easy to make at home.

Boil flat noodles and strain the water. Dust some cornstarch on top and mix. Deep fry the noodles in refined cooking oil till golden brown, remove and pat with absorbent paper. Toss these noodles with honey and let it soak all the sweet goodness.

Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with black sesame seeds before serving.

    5. Honey mustard glazed carrots

Place carrots and 1/ 2 cup water in a medium skillet over medium-high heat; bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat and let it simmer. Strain the water and keep the carrots aside. Stir the carrots in butter, honey, garlic, lemon juice and salt. Cook until a glaze coats the carrots for 5 minutes. Garnish with fresh parsley.

    6. Honey-cucumber refresher

A healthy and refreshing alternative to your regular lemonade.

Combine cucumber chunks, lemon and water into a blender. Strain the mixture for a smooth concoction. Pop a few ice cubes into your favorite glass and pour this mixture over it. Drizzle honey on top, add sparkling water (optional) and garnish with fresh mint leaves.