About Us

Our Story

We were born from the womb of Mother Nature and what we serve is the sheer essence of nature.

‘Kalon’ is a word so simple yet with a sublime meaning to it ‘Beauty from within’. With the intention to sustain this inner beauty and the vision of becoming a trusted health and wellness brand in the world, our founder Bharat A. Pandit began the journey of enriching the inner beauty with the help of sweet elixirs prepared by mother nature. It is because of his vision and vigorous willpower that we have managed to put together a truly effectual range of organic and natural products.

Just like a bee wandering around to find a perfect flower for nectar, we wander around India’s luscious forests, collecting the finest ingredients for our products.

What drives us?

While contemplating today's health market, we found out that the products we consume as ‘labelled healthy’ are in fact, not so healthy. That is when an urge to satisfy ‘need for change’ turned into ‘we must bring the change’. In a world where the honey market is crowded with  adulterated products, we want to give our consumers the real goodness of nature. We spent several years understanding each and every region that produces honey and invested our efforts in curating products that are 100% organic and straight from the soil.

A brand for sustainable future

We are proud of being eco-conscious to our roots. From using glass and labels made from recycled materials to very minute components like biodegradable gum and printing ink, we  make every possible effort to reduce our carbon footprints. We promise to serve you nature's delights in its purest form; so do we oath to our mother nature to sustain the better side of mankind. 

Don’t let the trees become rare

Understanding the importance of life around us is the most crucial thing we can do for our planet. And it is a fallacy to think that tiny creatures like bees don’t matter. Bees are simply fascinating like all the other animals and it's our duty to safeguard them from human behaviour which at times turn inhumane.

For every bottle that we sell, we plant a sapling that will contribute towards creating a better future. Planting trees helps the bees to thrive and so we survive.

People behind the brand

Bharat A. Pandit

Visionary and Founder of Kalon

Vast experience in customer life-cycle management ,Business Intelligence & Strategy and risk management functions across multiple consumer-facing industries. Eminent speaker at Strategy seminars across the globe. (Authored articles in annual publications by KPMG). Passionate about farming and village development Life Member of Harvard Excellence Business Leaders - India Chapter

Vidya Herur Pandit

Director and Promoter of Kalon Agro

Aigle Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd., providing premium medical transcription services to doctors in USA, using ASP services from Stentel, Springfield USA. Loves the challenge of working within limitations towards success. Logical thinker, philanthropist and farmer. Believes in ‘Change of Work is rest’

Our Work Values

We Care

The customer is the centre of our universe and we value this with utmost care and concern in all our mutual interactions.


Use of technology backed systems and processes to promote transparency in interactions with all stakeholders.


We ensure integrity & quality in all aspects of our offerings with continuous innovation and creativity.

Socially Responsible

We commit 10% of our profits to be invested in socially progressive schemes in the countries of our existence.


We collaborate globally to integrate with all our customers & partners to bring out a caring winning team.

Trust & Accountability

We stand by our customers and be held responsible and accountable across all parameters governing the functioning of Kalon.

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Why Choose Us?

All Natural Ingredients

Ethically Sourced

Free Shipping Across India

Handcrafted In India

No Preservatives

Cruelty Free

GMO Free

No Added Sugar