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Acacia Honey

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Nestled in the fertile valley of Kashmir, isolated from the impurities of the world, is where the precious Acacia honey is extracted.

Every bottle of Kalon Acacia honey is drenched with numerous health benefits and a premium flavour. It helps in elevating the taste of any sweet dish it is added to and is an excellent substitute for sugar.


Light golden


Mild flavour with floral aroma


  • ✓  No added flavours and preservatives
  • ✓  Natural sweetener
  • ✓  Rich in essential nutrients and vitamins
  • ✓  Excellent antibacterial properties which aid in wound healing
  • ✓  Also known to be a great anti-inflammatory agent


It is an ideal pair with 

✓  Cheeses

✓  Teas

✓  Desserts

    For more information about recipes, please click here.


    Not recommended for diabetic patients.

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    The Kalon Promise

    • No added sugar and preservatives

      The sugar content present in honey comes directly from its natural source, free from artificial preservatives, flavours and emulsifiers.

    • Exclusivity with each batch

      Each batch of honey is exclusive in its flavor, color and consistency being directly harvested from nature. We are proud to serve you honey in its original composition.

    • Minimal filtering

      Our honeys come straight from the beehive into the bottle with minimum filtration to remove the residual bee pollen and debris.

    • Crystallization

      It's a natural process for the organic honeys to crystallize over time thereby preserving its natural characteristics.

    Why Choose Us?

    All Natural Ingredients

    Ethically Sourced

    Free Shipping Across India

    Handcrafted In India

    No Preservatives

    Cruelty Free

    GMO Free

    No Added Sugar

    Organic And Trusted

    • NMR tested honey