Purity is a relative term in today’s market.

Purity is a relative term in today’s market. However we all know relativity is a term applied in physics and cannot be applied to purity. The food that we consume should be as natural as possible to give us the intended nutritional benefits, hence “Purity” is an ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT in the FMCG market today.”

You are 4 steps away from taking control of what you eat Test Pure Honey

Ever wondered if the
honey you consume
is natural or

The Secrets of the Culinary culture

Take charge of what you eat… Here is how to test

purity of Honey at your home.

  1. Take a glass full of normal temperature water
  2. Pour a spoon full of honey into the glass of water
  3. Fake or adulterated honey dissolves to make water muddy
  4. Pure honey drops to the bottom of the glass to make crystals of liquid gold

Watch the video for know how…


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